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Welcome to The Grand Thing X
May 22 to 25, 2015
Memorial Day weekend

Greetings unto the populace of AnTir and our beloved guests! The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin invite you to the tenth Annual Grand Thing.

This is a period event focusing on Nordic and Irish traditions of the Viking era with fighting, contests, games, and a Grand Feast, but all cultures and interests are welcome! Based on the “Thing” where free people of the community would meet and settle issues of law. The winter snows have begun to melt and soon we will see the first green of spring. ‘Tis time once again to gather together and meet in celebration, take council, and renew our bonds of friendship. We invite you to come and join our fires this Memorial Day Weekend at the annual Grand Thing. As in years past this family friendly event will offer something for everyone.


There will be fighting: A Multi-Weapons Tournament with five weapons styles (sword & shield, axe & shield, spear & shield, two-handed axe, and two-handed spear), a Memorial Great Axe Tournament (bring word fame of the fallen in song, prose, or saga to enter), a Monastery Raid (where you keep what booty you can escape with), and a Domination Tourney where not just your skill is tested but your courage and valor as well. Can you withstand the Storm of Steel?

Attention Grand Thingers,

We've walked the site of this year's Grand Thing. The fields of grass are thick and green and spread like a sweet smelling flowered carpet in all directions. In order to maintain that verdure, currently unsullied by motorized vehicles, we are announcing that motorized vehicles will continue not to sully the grass. In other words there will be no driving on the grass. We will make every effort to have ready hands and non-motorized wheeled transport to help. Thank you! Heilsa my Friends! It is time once again to gather together for The Grand Thing. We gather to make new laws and praise good doers, time to visit with old friends and make new ones. I am writing today to invite all to the Norse Trade Blanket. This year it will be held in the Artisans Village on Saturday night at 10:00. So look through your tourney boxes and craft supplies or make new items. All goods are welcome, but please stick to period or periodesque items. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and many new ones. IS, Hl Myra ban Pharthalain.

The Laws of the Grand Thing

1. First Law by Ulfred Draumfjallr of Ulfredhiem: "No blood shall be spilled in vengeance or anger at the Thing - the Law servers all."

2. Second Law by Duncan Hravensfuri: "Those heroes that have fallen shall be remembered with word fame and a great weapons tournament at the Thing"

3. The Third Law was brought forward by Daedin MacAoidh a'Mhonadh Clanchief: "Let a great toast and cry ring out at the Grand Feast each Thing in honor of this fellowship and the hospitality of this hall."4. The Fourth Law was brought forth by Caerdic AEthelwulf, Arnsbjorn Tiernanson cu Righ, & Cedric Rolfsson of Antir: "Let the Skald Tiernan Mor dal Cais speak the word fame of a hero each year at the Feast of the Grand Thing"

5. The Fifth Law was a joining of ideas from all present. “At Fires tended by women, we drink Havok Beer and curse the evil ones.”

6. The Sixth Law is currently lost to the ages. (No one can remember it as everyone drank too much).

7. The Seventh Law is "All shall honor their women at the Thing and major Norse households will bring at least five warriors to An Tir/West War. Brought by Daegar Fairhair and Earl Edward Ian Anderson.8. The Eighth Laws is “Before we fight, we first be friends”. Presented by Master Lonergan Fionn o'Flaherty.

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